Nina Gerhard

Singer, Composer, Texter and Speaker

Nina Gerhard is a female German singer creative in different genres. Every project she picks up is a segment of her multifold personality. Always out for different challenges she loves moving into emotion. Her collaboration with various well known producers and artists and many international projects, releases and gigs worldwide took her on tours through France, Belgium and Spain. She also performed in other cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo or Moskau. Always focusing intuition she hardly ever repeats herself. The feeling of the moment is expressed in music or her lyrics. She also works as a speaker, or in dubbing for radio, TV and documentaries.



Daniel Rohr


Daniel Rohr is a German designer which studied in Milan Italy. He has a graduate degree in industrial/product design and shoe/bag design. Independent product designer since 1995. More than 10 years he worked as an independent product designer for the automotive industry and also in the fashion sector. Because of his limited editions furniture projects he entered in the international design and art gallery scene. His pieces were international exhibited in London, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Stockholm and many more citys...




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