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Between sensitization, provocation and experiment.
Two creative worlds come across each other.
project1012 was founded in 2016 by the German artists Nina Gerhard and Daniel Rohr.

Working across genres - on multi levels, they interact with form, visual languages, music, objects and performance. Showing different perspectives, playing with sizes and emotionalizing views.
Being creative is not only driven by our analytic brain and todays digital software. Most of the time it is about emotion and instinct.

Following intuition, we watch, listen, feel, think, we do.

We love it clean . rough . sleek

The real time analog imprecision is part of our working process. Jumping from digital high-end procedures to handwork and back to digital processes is a signature of project1012.

analog . digital . analog

digital . analog . digital

Nina Gerhard born in 1974 - singer - musician - producer - composer - texter – speaker
She is a German female artist. Since 1992 she is working in the music business, being creative in different genres. Electronic, pop, classic, jazz, soul and blues..... Every project she picks up is a segment of her multifold personality. Always out for different challenges she loves moving into emotion. Her collaborations with various well known producers and artists and many international projects, releases and gigs worldwide took her on international tours through Japan, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, USA, Russia…

Always focusing intuition, she hardly ever repeats herself.

Daniel Rohr born in 1968 - product designer - producer/production limited editions - fashion designer - performer - video artist

Daniel Rohr is a German designer which studied in Milan Italy. He has a graduate degree in industrial/product design and shoe-bag design. Independent product designer since 1995. More than 10 years he worked as an independent product designer for the automotive industry and also in the fashion sector. Because of his limited editions furniture projects he entered in the international design and art gallery scene. His pieces were international exhibited at design and art events in London, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Stockholm and many more citys...


Emotionalizing objects, showing different perspectives, interacting with the form, video and performance is part of his working process.

since 1992

Art Edition Exhibitions

The colander table was shown at PAD London - MASTERPIECE London - The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair London - Olympia International Fine Art Antiques Fair London, by Gallery Peter Petrou
SUPERDESIGN London by Patrick Brillet, Gallery Peter Petrou
colander table and other projects
Superstudio Piu, Milan Design Week
100% design Tokyo
Designersblock Milan
Designmai Berlin

Caffè Moda Durini Milan Design Week …..

Music  Live Performances

Los Angeles . Moskau . Valencia . Barcelona . Madrid . Tokyo . Nagoya . Paris . Berlin . Frankfurt . Karlshamn . Cannes . Köln . London . Murcia . Palma ...

Awards  Music & Art Editions

Working with different record companies she was awarded with numerous Gold and Platin records
Award for the best international song, Belgium 1995

Colander table - Winner of the Country Life/LAPADA - Gallery Peter Petrou - Object of the Year 2011 Competition

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